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10 Top Grossing Android Games in April 2020

10 Top Grossing Android Games in April 2020
Written by Mohsin Raza

April 2020 is a season on the planet’s history that will remain unforgotten following a distressing overall pandemic. The pandemic has constrained individuals to remain at home to inhibit the spread of Covid-19. This has brought about an ever-increasing number of individuals turning to the gaming scene for comfort.

The greater part of these games is the top-grossing Android games. In this specific post, we are going to jump further into Android games and examine more the 10 top-grossing Android games. We will discuss what these games involve and see why they have become the top-grossing games in this season and a significant scene in human time.

Coin Master

Coin Master

Coin ace is a game that is played by most Facebook users. With coin ace, you will take an interest in assaults, spins, and assaults to manufacture a Viking town. If you think this is the game for you, it is progressively agreeable if played on Facebook.

With coin ace, you will go through otherworldly lands and win fights to turn into the following coin ace or king or in any event, Viking them all. It is such a great game for anybody at home or anyplace. The game has an Android app that you can download and play at whatever point you want to play.

Within the coin ace game, you will be required to spin a haggle your fortune. The fortune may be in shields, a sack of gold, plunder, assault time, and a lot more wins. Shields are used to guarding yourself when different kings attempt to assault you. Gold coins and plunder help you in building a solid town. With such wins, you can turn into the coin ace with the most grounded fabricated town, and with the most plunder.

Now, spinning the wheel isn’t the best way to get plunder; you can likewise win wars and take the plunder. This is the best method since you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you could find in another person’s town. You can assault and battle different Vikings; retribution on the ones that assaulted you and take what is legitimately yourself. You don’t need to break your secret stash with this method, and you get the chance to remain rich and with a solid town.



Another free top-grossing game that lets you make the most of your gardening side interest further is Gardenscapes. With Gardenscapes, you will be required to rake through the nursery and face some startling turns and reestablish the nursery to its previous brilliance. You will brighten certain zones in the nursery, experience the best three degrees of the game, and additionally get the chance to interact with a portion of the in-game characters.

Through the game, you will likewise find a few privileged insights within the nursery, which makes the game considerably increasingly amusing to play. The most interesting element in this game is that it has numerous in-game characters that you can interact with. Such characters include your two nearest associates, specifically Austin, your steward, and an ever-faithful and entertaining canine. Likewise? You can even play the game when you are offline and lets you interact with a portion of your Facebook companions.

Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga

This is another mainstream game among Facebook users, and an ever-increasing number of individuals are dependent on this game. It is a three-coordinate riddle game that permits you to coordinate three candies for that amazing winning feel without fail. Candy pound adventure additionally has puzzles you have to settle with quick thinking and keen moves.

Since the app was created, there have been a trillion levels played all around the globe. There are likewise heaps of sweet difficulties that let you win rewards, for example, collecting the ingredients, reaching an objective score, and clearing the jam. All these are ways that you can remain stuck to your device while playing candy pound adventure.

You can play candy pound adventure alone or play with companions to see who gets the most noteworthy score in the game. If you are using an Android device, and you would prefer not to play the game on Facebook, you can consider downloading the game from the Google Play Store stage.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

If you cherished the conflict of families or conflict Royale, then you will adore this one as well. You can fight of stars solo or with companions. Playing your companions is progressively fun, and this is the thing that has put the game on the map, and along these lines, the game made it among the top ten grossing games in April 2020.

With fight stars, you are permitted to shape a settlement and plan on the most proficient method to conquer your opposing forces. You will likewise be allowed to move up to some amazing brawlers. You will likewise get the opportunity to purchase skins and become one of a kind in the field.

Parchisi STAR Online

Parchisi STAR Online

The game is one of the top-grossing games in 2020. It is a multiplayer game which is likewise an adaptation of parchis. Parchis is a well-known game in Spain, however, it is additionally famous in different nations yet known with different names.

Parchisi STAR online is an adjustment of the Indian game known as Ludo or Parchis which is played by 2-4 individuals. The fun doesn’t end there; the game likewise permits you to send emoticon signs as you are playing the game. It is additionally allowed to play the game, and you are permitted to play 2-4 players.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars

It is safe to say that you are in for fighting games? If you are then Lords Mobile is the game for you in those dull days. In Lords’ portable, the ruler has fallen, and the domain has fallen into a complete fiasco, and there must be somebody who will build up the realm. Think about who that individual is? Definitely, you speculated right.

You need to enroll genuine legends from all foundations including mermaids, dwarves, steampunk robots, and dull mythical people. These legends will help you in your central goal to join the kingdom and build up your domain. The saints that you have picked will go about as war commanders to lead your kingdom to add up to wonder.

In this game, you will overhaul your kingdom buildings, level your legends, and train your soldiers to accompany an extraordinary and prosperous kingdom.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade

This is another fighting game and one of the top-grossing games in 2020. The game is exciting and what you need particularly in this time where individuals are staying in their homes with no or not many interactions with the outside world.

With the Rise of kingdoms, you should choose what part you will need to play in the fights. If you wish to emerge and support your kin or you need to dispatch extraordinary wars and overcome the world. It is your call and the truth will surface eventually as you continue playing the game.

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

Garena Free Fire Wonderland

If you are enamored with shooter games, then Garena Free fire is a definitive shooter game for you. In this game, you should simply guarantee that you are the sole survivor. You can do this by ambushing your opponents, hiding in channels, and looting off your rivals. You can likewise decide to remain in the protected zone as you need and additionally kill.

Garena free fire has been included among the top-grossing games of 2020 since it is an entertaining and simple game that anybody can play. The game is short, and it is played within 10 minutes whereby after the ten minutes are over another survivor will be found.

You can likewise play as an individual or as a group of up to four individuals where you are to lead your group to triumph. You can download this top-grossing game from Google Play and see why it is a famous game and the most loved to many.

LOCO BiNGO! jackpots crazy for play

LOCO BiNGO jackpots crazy for play

Loco Bingo is a casino game for casino game darlings who might need to investigate the pleasant universe of casinos. If you love playing casino games with companions, then you don’t need to stress if you can’t go out. All you need to do now is connect with them and play Loco Bingo together.

With this game, you get the opportunity to find out about new casino games styles and casino subjects that assist you with learning how to play casino games. Extra games are likewise included in these games. You can likewise talk with your kindred casino gamers as you play in Loco Bingo.

There are additionally various quality styles in Bingo you should simply peruse the accessible ones and pick your preferred Bingo styles. Did I notice that there are likewise some more games that you can play with Loco Bingo? Indeed, there are, and you should simply continue using the top-grossing game to find your preferred game.

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Feel comfortable while at home with this game. With Homescapes, you will assist Austin with renovating his family manor. You will experience loads of undertakings directly from the time you will enter the entryway. This game is an unadulterated fan, and its ubiquity is on a rocket dispatch speed, along these lines making it among the top-grossing games in 2020.

As a player, you will assemble different pieces to redesign and design the house. If you love the interior plan, you will play around with this game since Austin’s house will look the manner in which you need it would seem that. In each home, there is a mystery that hides, however you will find each mystery hiding in Austin’s house, making the game considerably progressively brave.

Expectation you have delighted in this assortment with the most trending Android games in April 2020, every one of these games could be effectively downloaded on cell phones yet, in addition, could be played on the greater screen, for example, on PCs and Laptops using an Android emulator.

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