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Blockfolio – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tracker

Blockfolio for PC
Written by Mohsin Raza

The cryptocurrency is changing the manner in which we handle monetary standards. Until a couple of years back, there was literally nothing known as cryptocurrency. The appearance of Bitcoin generally changed the ideas of cash. Bitcoin was practically unusable around 8 years back. This is presently the world’s most esteemed cryptocurrency. The expansion in the estimation of Bitcoin brought about various other more modest digital forms of money. Cryptocurrency exchanging is now a totally new business. Cryptocurrency sellers keep their coins in an advanced wallet. They regularly use applications that track the estimation, everything being equal, and can likewise show them the continuous estimation of their cryptocurrency venture. Blockfolio is one of these applications. It is used to keep up your profile. Blockfolio shows you extremely away from of your portfolio. It gives you value notifications. You can likewise exchange money with this app.

BlockFolio New Features:

For financial specialists, it is essential to stay up with the latest most recent news on digital currencies. Therefore, this application likewise has its own news page. Blockfolio bolsters in excess of 200 different cryptographic forms of money. The application is an across the board apparatus for the individuals who need to follow their exchanges with insignificant multifaceted nature. If you need to bring something like Blockfolio to your PC, you can just access your site. In this instructional exercise, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to install the Blockfolio application on your PC. In any case, you don’t need to visit the site over and over.

You can download and install this app for PC on a PC running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, MacOS, and Mac OS X. To use this for PC, you should initially install BlueStacks 3 or the BlueStacks emulator. Audit the accompanying directions to handily run the Blockfolio application for the PC.

Download, Install, and Run Blockfolio for PC:

  • If you are using Windows, download and install BlueStacks 3.
  • If you’re using a Mac, download and install BlueStacks.

Arrange your installed emulator as per the directions in the manuals.

  1. Now open BlueStacks or BlueStacks 3.
  2. Macintosh users: Click on the pursuit symbol on BlueStacks, enter the name Blockfolio and then click on “Search with Google Play”.
  3. If you locate the app in the Play Store, install it.
  • Windows users: For BlueStacks 3, click My Apps> System Apps> Google Play Store.
  • Enter “Blockfolio” in the hunt bar of the Google Play Store and search. When the game appears, install it.
  • When the installation is finished, the game will appear on the My Applications tab of BlueStacks 3. On the BlueStacks All Applications tab.
  • Now you can start the game and adhere to the guidelines on the screen to play it. That’s it in a nutshell
  • If you can not discover Blockfolio in the Play Store, you can likewise install it using the APK file.
  • You should discover the Blockfolio APK file from a believable online source.
  • Essentially open the APK subsequent to installing BlueStacks to start it from the application player.


Blockfolio for PC can be installed on desktop PCs and workstations with Windows and Mac. You can install Blockfolio for PC on Windows with BlueStacks 3 and on Mac with BlueStacks. Follow the steps underneath to install Blockfolio for PC now. If you have questions, you can leave them in the remark box beneath. We will get in touch with you as quickly as time permits.

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