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BlueStacks vs. Nox vs. MEmu, Which one is the best?

BlueStacks vs. Nox vs. MEmu
Written by Mohsin Raza

The capacity to run Android applications on your PC or PC sounds energizing. In any case, choosing the ideal Android emulator from a pool of options is an extreme decision. With regards to shortlisting the best emulators, BlueStacks, Nox, and MEmu effectively rank among the top decisions. However, regarding highlights and execution, each of the three gives a fluctuating user experience.

If we talk about details and specifications, MEmu totally rules the other two, while BlueStacks stands apart with its few interesting highlights. Nox holds its own ground by offering superb adjusting and execution. That being stated, we just need to choose one from these three, and it is intense.

In this way, post thorough testing, we had the option to waitlist one champ. Nonetheless, we were astonished by the outcomes, as the opposition was ferocious as far as possible. We’ve clarified the installation guide of every emulator and created an inside and out examination between them. So right away, how about we begin!

Installation Guide

Installing an Android emulator on your PC or PC isn’t so difficult. In any case, these three emulators follow a different installation design. Also, to make your occupation simpler, we have referenced the installation steps underneath:

BlueStacks Installation


Out of each of the three, BlueStacks is the simplest one to download. It doesn’t need any extra authorizations from you. What’s more, you can undoubtedly get the authority download bundle from

1) Head to BlueStacks’ authentic site and click the “Download” button to get the most recent variant. You can likewise use any outsider site to download the emulator.

Note: Make sure you have an antivirus installed on your PC before you choose any outsider site.

2) Once the download cycle is finished, Launch the emulator bundle.

3) The installation cycle will generally take around 2 minutes, and once done; the BlueStacks emulator will dispatch consequently (For Ubuntu users, you may need to allow a few extra authorizations, which will spring up during the installation cycle).

Nox Installation


The installation bend of the Nox emulator is direct too. In any case, in view of your working framework, you may encounter novel download screens and consents. We have clarified each situation beneath:

1) Download Nox Players from their official site

2) Wait until the install bundle is downloaded, then click on the installer file and start the cycle by clicking on the “Install” button.

3) During the installation, you will be given different download screens and consents. Notwithstanding, none of them is disturbing, and you can avoid these if you need them.

4) After the fruitful installation, dispatch the emulator by clicking on the “Start” button. You need to sign in using your Google ID and secret key after this.

MEmu Installation


Known for its upgraded gaming highlights, MEmu is moderately simple to download on your PC or PC. The main downside is finding the updated adaptation of the emulator. You can use their official site or any outsider site to download this.

1) Download MEmu Play disconnected install bundle from the most recent form prior to googling your direction).

2) In the install bundle, you get a file and a folder. Click the MEmu-Setup.exe file and start the cycle.

3) On the initial screen, you will be treated with a “Fast Install” button. Click on it.

4) The MEmu Android will start installing.

5) After the installation is done, run the application.

6) Log in with your Google certifications, and start using the application.


One of the most critical viewpoints to mull over prior to choosing an Android emulator is its prerequisites. MEmu, while being the most designs escalated out of each of the three, has the least specification prerequisites on paper, trailed by Nox and BlueStacks, which have moderately high necessities. For a superior arrangement, we have arranged a table beneath, contrasting every one of them three head-with head:


In the cutting edge time, any product’s capacity is estimated through the most elevated benchmark score it gets. Antutu, one of the most believed stages to acquire exact benchmark scores, crowns BlueStacks as the boss. The accompanying chart portrays how BlueStacks rules the other two regarding benchmark scores.

Yet, with regards to the top to bottom scoring, every emulator scored entirely well. MEmu got the most elevated generally speaking rating of 924165, including all the CPU, GPU, MEM, and UX (substantial and invalid) scores. For better comprehension, we have referenced the table underneath:

These outcomes were incompletely unknown too. We did different tests on these three to get the outcomes. Also, each time, the outcomes were somewhat different from one another. This is because the presence of an emulator is estimated from the application played in it.


If you choose to do serious gaming, then MEmu is presumably the best pick for you. We tried it with realistic concentrated games like Asphalt 9, Real Racing, and Dungeon Hunter 5. What’s more, we didn’t confront any slack or hiccups.

BlueStacks turned into the nearby second, being beaten in the general score. Be that as it may, it actually figured out how to make a nice showing in nearly all that we tossed at it. Regardless of whether it’s concentrated gaming or performing multiple tasks, BlueStacks dealt with everything like a boss. Nox was recorded toward the end in the table because of its normal scoring.

In any case, it doesn’t imply that it’s not usable. Nox packages some noteworthy highlights, and it has a moderately low spec-necessity, because of which these scores were not as amazing. Yet at the same time, you can use it with practically any given portable application.


Highlights are the components that upgrade your experience. Also, Nox was the reasonable victor here. Within excess of 30 one of a kind highlights going from execution and quality, it offered a great deal of customization to its users.

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BlueStacks was again the number two here. With amazing gaming highlights and a constant CPU execution meter, you have the benefit of following your in-game advancement. MEmu, while being the best as far as specification, it didn’t pack the highlights that we would have wanted to see.

Yet, it offered a nice user experience. For your better arrangement, we clarified the list of capabilities of every one of the three emulators underneath.

Bluestacks features:

  • Game Control – With added security and execution, BlueStacks gives some broad gaming highlights. During our testing stage, we saw the FPS stayed stable all through.
  • The emulator was tried with realistic concentrated games, video-real time applications, and music apps, and the exhibition stayed stable.
  • Multi-Instance – This is likewise a gaming-specific element. While we are doing some escalated gaming on our workstations, the emulator slacks and shows hiccups because of its constraint. However, this component lets you play with no bugs or inconvenient accidents.
  • Macro Management – This capacity lets you only use some presentation improving capacity that builds the FPS rates for a couple of moments, which lets you record the game screen. This element is useful for video decorations and gaming fans.
  • Eco Mode – If you notice that the CPU check is soaring and choking, the Eco mode kicks in, which adjusts the emulator’s speed and execution. This mode is useful in adjusting the warming issues of your PC too.

Noxplayer features:

  • Keymapping – The Keymapping highlight allows you to set and design the console’s keys as indicated by your inclination. This component likewise significantly affects your reaction time and responses. What’s more, it lets you use different keys at the same time using savvy mapping.
  • Flexible – Out of each of the three, Nox is the one in particular that underpins various variants of Android, including 4.4.2, 5.1.1, and 7.1.2. This capacity lets you play more established games that are not, at this point accessible on PlayStore too. To play any game which isn’t made for the most recent variant, pick the more seasoned Android form choice, and you’re all set.
  • Multitasking – A common Android smartphone doesn’t let its users play more than one game at one time, but Nox opposes this as you can at the same time play two different games. You can even play up to 4 games all at once or play various pieces of a game with numerous gaming accounts.
  • Gaming Compatibility – Nox is splendid programming that is viable with the most moving portable games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Lineage II: Revolution, Vainglory, Fortnite Mobile, and so forth

MEmu Features:

  • Smart Controls – With proficient mapping, the MEmu emulator is moderately simple to use. At the point when we contrast this component and the other two, MEmu comes as the simplest to use. Brilliant controlling additionally lets you modify the FPS rating of the games you run on it.
  • Balanced Performance – MEmu gives a decent exhibition. In gaming, we never confronted any slack or crashes. The game ran pretty smooth, with hustling games accepting an additional lift.
  • Graphic Elevation – Many versatile applications have awesome designs. What’s more, to handle this, MEmu has coordinated a realistic lift mode, which gives a significant push to the CPU and GPU. You additionally have the choice to play each game using this mode.

Which one is best for you?

Tending to the obvious issue at hand, which out of these three is the best emulator for you? Honestly, choosing the victor from the three was no simple undertaking. In any case, MEmu aced the other two to be proclaimed as the hero. Both BlueStacks and Nox set up a quite extraordinary rivalry, yet MEmu was an indent in front of these two.

It has an insignificant specification necessity. Also, you can productively run the MEmu emulator on an old PC and PC too. BlueStacks, faring great in pretty much every test we tossed at it. Though Nox, while being awesome, offered some nice execution too.

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