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FX Player for PC – Download Free – video player, cast, chromecast, stream

FX Player for PC
Written by Mohsin Raza

Are you looking for the best video player for your cell phone or PC? FX Player for PC is the definitive solution for you. You will notice that this media player is equipped with an interface optimized for mobile devices and can offer perfect playback in local and network broadcasting environments. In addition, your videos as well as the subtitles can actually be sent via Chromecast. This makes this application the ideal video player of your dreams.

About FX Player

This app is full of tons of amazing features that can fascinate you. This has made this app more popular. Here are some amazing features of this app:

1. Supports all video formats

Some video player applications generally only support certain video formats. However, this app is different. You will notice that it easily accepts all video formats. These include MKV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MP4, and many others. This gives you the freedom to play any videos you may have on your phone or PC.

2. Supports all audio formats.

This application supports not only different video formats but also all audio formats. These include MIDI, mp3, FLAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, and many others.

3. Display the subtitles when playing the videos.

When you play a certain video, you can see the different subtitles under your screen. This can help you understand what different actors are saying in this particular video.

4. Allows you to stream videos on TV

Would you like to see your videos on a larger screen? This application allows you to do it without a problem. Here you can stream your videos to a TV with Chromecast. You will also see supported subtitles, etc.

5. Dual speed playback

With this app, you can adjust the video playback speed from 1x to 3x. Slow or fast and many others. You can quickly play your videos back and forth as you wish.

6. Allows you to manage and edit your videos

Here you can rename your videos or even delete them. You can also move the video of your choice to another location. This versatility makes this application more desirable.

7. Comes with 6 video playback functions

Unlike other applications, this application comes with 6 video playback functions, such as Auto, Random, Repeat, Background, Video in mirror mode to learn to dance and resume video playback from the last position.

8. Lets you quickly scan all your video files

Do you have videos on your phone or SD card that you want to scan quickly? This app can easily do it for you. In a few minutes, you will be able to see the video you are looking for.

9. Easy gesture control

Here you can control how bright your video is. In addition, you can control volume and playback simply by moving your finger on the screen from top to bottom.

10. Lets you keep your videos safe in a private folder

Do you have videos that you would like to move and save to a private folder? With this app, you can do it with ease.

Free Download & Install FX Player for PC:


First of all, download an Android Emulator. We have compiled a big list for you to choose from. Just follow the link ahead and get the Emulator you like:

All the Android Emulators That are Available for PC

Then you’ll need to download and install any of them.

Once done, you’ll need to configure it. That process is quite easy.


  1. Open the Emulator and follow on-screen instructions.
  2. When asking for a G-mail ID, enter the one that is active but not your primary ID.
  3. Voila! your Emulator is now ready to use.


  1. Open the Emulator of your Choice.
  2. Navigate to the link and download FX Player – video player, cast, chromecast, stream
  3. Let the file Download and start the installation.
  4. Once installed, open the App from the App Drawer and start using it.

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