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Snapseed For PC – Free Download (Windows & Mac)

Snapseed For PC
Written by Mohsin Raza

Basically, Snapseed is an Android app for editing selfies on the go. It has interesting features to customize the images to our liking. You can create videos using the images in this Youcam app. To use this app on Android, you need to do a perfect search in the Play Store. And then download and install. However, on a Windows computer, the process is very different. This guide will help you get the most out of your Snapseed for PC.

People are constantly sharing self-portrait (socializing) photos on social media, but after a good night’s sleep, a photo of your face may not be as good as a normal day. With Snapseed for PC, you can edit your photos before sharing them on social networks. This free app provides an easy way to beautify headshots on your Android smartphone.

Snapseed is a very simple application to use. When you open the app, you can edit a photo in storage, edit an existing photo, or paste your photos.

Unique Features:

  • Snapseed, produced by Nik Software, is now owned by Google. It is one of the most versatile photo editing apps. Here are some amazing features that make Snapseed so good:
  • DNG RAW is without a doubt the best way to manage white balance or photo exposure.
  • If the photo contains a shadow, you can delete it with DNG RAW. It is very important that this is a highlight added to an image.
  • If you are not satisfied with the images but do not understand the error, the plug-ins use the “fine-tuning” function for automatic image correction.
  • The brightness, saturation, color contrast of the picture, and depth of the surroundings can be improved with the fine adjustment function.
  • The unimaginable version of the image for a photograph of the new look, including the focus effect, the glamor, the color contrast,
  • Drama, HDR Escape, Grunge, Vintage, Grainy Film, and many more.
  • In addition to the editing function, it offers a wide range of brushes, environments, and other attractive features for users.
  • Here you can edit your Instagram photos for a new presentation to the world.
  • Here you will find a variety of filters that you can use to adjust your images to your mood.
  • Give it a glamorous look if you want to upload it to a social networking site.
  • If you want to present it in a business portfolio, simply touch up your photo with an impressive and sober black filter.
  • That’s not enough, there are many other effect filters that you can use for this purpose.
  • All previously used filters are included in the list called “List of Filters” to make your photo editing even more convenient.
  • You can refer to the filter list to remove any previously used unwanted filters.

Free Download Snapseed For PC:


First of all, download an Android Emulator. We have compiled a big list for you to choose from. Just follow the link ahead and get the Emulator you like:

All the Android Emulators That are Available for PC

Then you’ll need to download and install any of them.

Once done, you’ll need to configure it. That process is quite easy.


  1. Open the Emulator and follow on-screen instructions.
  2. When asking for a G-mail ID, enter the one that is active but not your primary ID.
  3. Voila! your Emulator is now ready to use.


  1. Open the Emulator of your Choice.
  2. Navigate to the link and download Snapseed
  3. Let the file Download and start the installation.
  4. Once installed, open the App from the App Drawer and start using it.

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