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WPS WPA TESTER On PC | How to Download for Free

Written by Mohsin Raza

You know that some apps in the Play Store have no use. Well, I delete it, millions of apps have no purpose. And yet, they manage to reach the top and become a trend. I would love to know this stuff! Not only that, but even users are also starting to take these apps seriously until they realize it doesn’t make sense. I really liked the Wifi Kill app on Android because it does the job stated in the description. It not only kills the wifi of the selected devices but also protects your Internet. We now have this WPS WPA tester on PC! Not the killer type, but a safe savior, according to what the developer describes.

I tried the app myself and believe me, nothing happened to me. Or most of the time, we don’t care about the vulnerabilities of the WPS protocol we use. And why should we be, are we not the providers taking care of it? Remove such a burden from our shoulders, so that we can live in peace and harmony. So what is this WPS WPA tester? – a tester of your own WiFi access point for the probability of illegal connection. The program displays the password security level, based on the router’s PIN code.

But still, why use this application?

Wps Wpa Tester is an application that helps you check if the WPS protocol of your access point has a vulnerability. With this app you can perform this check on any network, but it is recommended to use it exclusively by yourself.

Note: To use the app properly, you will need to have a rooted device and the busybox app installed. Otherwise, some features will not work.

Wps Wpa Tester for PC is an application with very interesting features. In addition to helping you verify the security of your access point, it also allows you to see all passwords for all WiFi networks to which you have connected from your Android device.

Features and bugs:

  • It does the job of protecting the network. Well, not really, but since it shows weakness, that is enough.
  • Relative performance, using the app, you can really identify some network weaknesses.
  • Lack of optimization.
  • Buggy, RTH rights requirement, permanent departures.


Since this app may not be available on the Play Store. You will need the WPS WPA TESTER apk file. Next, you will need an Android emulator. Choose one of these links. If you are lucky, you will get this app from the Play Store. Otherwise, just double click on the Apk file and you’re done. Make sure to configure the emulators before installing the apk file. Once installed, access the app from the app drawer and see if it works or not.

A few last (important) words:

WPS WPA TESTER is not your typical application. And it’s certainly not your daily application too. This application is the best for those who think their Wifi has weak points and want to eliminate them. However, over time, companies have done a good job of strengthening Wi-Fi. And giving you full control is the best there is. If you have full access to your Wifi menu, you don’t need anything else. Enjoy!

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